Prayer in support of Friar Tadej Strehovec and his stand to defend unborn children

We in Zavod ŽIV!M (Institute I LIVE) extend our support to Fr. Tadej Strehovec, who is being accused of public encouragement of intolerance and hatred, following the publishment of his article, titled: »A list of the abortion lobby members, who oppose the right to live of unborn boys and girls.«, published in slovenian language on the pro-life web portal

In his article, Fr. Tadej Strehovec makes a link to an article, in magazin Mladina “Javna pobuda: Zaščitimo ustavno pravico žensk” (Public initiative: Let’s protect constitutional woman’s right), as a reaction to the prayer 40 dni za življenje in front of the maternity hospital (40 days for Life), in which abortion supporters voiced their support of a woman’s right to make an abortion. In this article of magazine Mladina, there are quoted names of supporters of abortion, who addresed the public initiative to predsident of Slovenia, prime minister, president of parliament, minister for health, minister for work, family and social and equal possibilites, and formost to Sector for equal rights, to protect constitutional woman’s rights. The list of their full names that were written, Fr. Tadej Strehovec only cited once more in his article, in which he clearly states that abortion means murder of little boys and girls. What especially upset the plaintiffs was the fact that alongside text there was a photo of a pregnant woman, with a gun pointed towards her abdomen. The picture was meant to symbolize the fact, that the »right« these people are protecting is in fact murder. And it doesn’t matter, how it is executed: with a gun, an injection, using pliers, suction or a pill.

We, at the Institute I LIVE, don’t support offensive speech, or the fact that someone’s life or safety is in danger, even if he or she is pro-abortion. But the truth is, that the effort to acknowledge dignity to unborn children is too often considered a threat or overheard. This can lead to a very emotional reaction in those who defend our smallest members. This lawsuit blames the way the message was delivered, while the message itself, containing the warning about a much greater violence towards people, is completely ignored. If this message about the value of the unborn life was heard and considered equally as that of the pro-abortionists, it would be a much more appropriate demonstration of tolerance than a lawsuit.

This lawsuit blames the way the message was delivered, while the message itself, containing the warning about a much greater violence towards people, is completely ignored.

Battle between good and evil.

Jeremiah Thomas, Lafayette Daily Advertiser

It is very clear to us, that in truth it’s a battle between good and evil, where those of us, who defend the right to live, have a seemingly weaker weapon at our disposal. But the true power comes from prayer, and a great example of that is a sixteen-year old boy from Texas, Jeremiah Thomas, who was terminally ill. On 26th of August this year, just two days after the first hearing of Fr. Tadej Strehovec, he surrendered his life to God in favor of all the unborn children and to stopping of abortion practice in his country. In his endeavour to protect life, he also called his president to persuade him to ban abortion in his country, because it is murder. This noble boy is now already in the safe hands of our Father and can ask the real ruler for more justice for the unborn children.

It is our suggestion and invitation to all Pro-life individuals and organizations to join in prayer and by the intercession of Jeremiah Thomas ask God for support for Fr. Tadej Strehovec in his trial. At the same time we pray for all the people, that fight for the right to live and dignity of the unborn children.


“The prayer of an innocent person is powerful, and it can help a lot.” (Jas 5, 16)

The prayer:

Dear God, by the intercession of Jeremiah Thomas, who surrendered his life and sufferring for the unborn children, we ask you to support Fr. Tadej Strehovec in this court trial. May Your power again be revealed through this ordeal and may it bear fruit of Your peace in our society.

Our Father, who art in Heaven…

Hail Mary, full of grace…

Prayer in time of the trial and your messages of support

The prayer chain can be spread to all the people of good will in support of culture of life. Especially we recommend Fr. Tadej Strehovec in prayers in time when there will be trial hearings at the court.

Dates of the court hearings: 10.10.2018, 12.10.2018, 19.10.2018, 24.10.2018, 7.11.2018, 16.11.2018 at 10.00 hours (CET)

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